Corzzair 3D Prop Maker

Malaysia's craftmasters providing creative solutions and production of all types of props, large scale models & sculpture for Film, Events & Exhibitions

Corzzair Breathe Life Into Brands®
We are a all-inclusive team of craftmasters specializing in 3D design, modeling and fabrication.

Established since year 2010, a brand-new expansion from New Age Icon Sdn. Bhd., focussing on producing 3D fine arts, Corzzair is proudly borne from our esteemed craft masters’ team of 3D designers, sculptors, carpenters, artists, modellers, cartoonists, painters, etchers, engravers – providing comprehensive solution and production of 3D Modelling & Fabrication masterpieces.

Every one of our esteemed craft masters held decades of professional skilled knowledge and experiences, embracing the same core value of dedication and passion in fine arts production. Today, we not only boast a team of craft masters who are able to craft and manipulate 50 types of different element materials, we are also using the latest modern machines and IT (information technology) software, with more innovative technologies coming from our pipeline.

Corzzair Core Values

Each one is essential to help us lead with purpose – and ensure our supply chain is as diverse as our customers and the communities we serve

We develop relationships

that make a positive difference in our customers' productions.

We provide outstanding products

and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value to our customers.

We uphold the highest standards

of integrity in all of our actions.

We work together

across boundaries, to meet the needs of our customers and to help our Company win.

We value our people

encourage their development and reward their performance.

We exhibit a strong will to win

in the marketplace and in every aspect of our business.

We keep learning

and adapting to new technologies.

Founder Profile

Mr Fann Low

3D Creative Entrepreneur

Our wonderful team of craft masters are led by Mr Fann Low, who established NAI (New Age Icon) in year 2010 with the new innovation of self-engineered 3D Modeller machine in producing precise 3D models and sculptures. Hailed from an engineering background with work experiences in multinational corporations based in United States of America, his prerequisite abilities of problem-solving, perfectionistic precision and eye to minutiae details, fuelled by his strong passion in fine arts, he further self-engineered a large high performance 3D printer (akin to a 4WD automobile size) to produce high-quality 3D fine art masterpieces. With the expansion of current Corzzair’s craft masters, Mr Fann Low still have numerous innovative expansion plans in his pipeline to produce more quality life-like masterpieces into the world not only to preserve clients’ brand pride, but also to bring joy and ardours to his masterpieces’ audience.

Why Choose Corzzair?

Whether you are a self-owned business, small agency or a Fortune 500 company our level of service and commitment remains the same


Our latest technology, experienced craftmasters, high-precision machinery and self-engineered 3D Modeller machine ensured our capability to work on any size projects.

Experienced CraftMasters

We are supported by a large group of passionate and experienced craftmasters, designers, sculptors, carpenters, artists, modellers, cartoonists, and painters.

Excellent Quality

When it comes to Quality, Corzzair only produce the best. We are committed in providing our clients with 100% satisfactory outcomes.


Driven by passion, Corzzair has continually re-innovate with scientific R&D to bring clients’ brands to life with unlimited creativity only for one purpose – to bring joy to audience.

Competitive Pricing

We create a balance between our high-quality 3D artworks and meeting clients’ budgets to forge long-term good business relationships.

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